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Spring Hockey Clinics

Defense Clinic

Today’s defensemen are smooth skating, puck moving pass specialists, who generate offense at their blue line and by joining the attack. The Dynamic Defensemen Clinic will focus on the necessary skating skills to excel at joining the rush, creating offensive opportunities, and the body positioning and stick skills to dominate shutting down opponents in all 3 zones of the ice.

  • Gap control
  • Body positioning
  • Rush recognition patterns
  • Creating shot lanes
  • Puck retrieval skills
  • Stick positioning and steering
  • Angling skills
  • Poke checking
  • Decision making under pressure
  • Playing aggressively while staying under control
  • Net front body and stick positioning

Details and Fees

  • 9 week program
  • 2015-2012 Tuesdays 6:50-7:50pm
  • 2011-2008 Tuesdays 8:00-9:00pm
  • Fee: $396


Forward Clinic

Put your player in a position to succeed with our specialty forward clinic. Our strategic development plan is designed to allow players to continue to build, link and apply skills in a game environment.   Modern movement patterns and puck skills will be taught throughout the spring during these practices.

Examples of Skills that we will cover:

Skating Techniques

  • Edge Control / Deceptive Skating Skills
  • Use of speed
  • Hip Mobility

Puck Skills

  • Puck handling techniques / fundamentals
  • On Ice vision and awareness.   
  • Puck Protection / Battles
  • Attack Sequences

Shooting and Passing Skills

  • Changing of shooting angles / using screens / shooting off passes
  • Deceptive passing / Saucer Passing / Slip Passing

Game Situational Concepts

  • Small Area Games with strategic applications of skills
  • Attacks off the rush 
  • Defensive skill sets
  • Breakout skills / angling / stick skills

Details and Fees

  • 9 week program
  • 2015-2012 Wednesdays 5:50-6:50pm
  • 2011-2008 Wednesdays 7:00-8:00pm
  • Fee: $396