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Summer Hockey Classes

Summer Hockey Classes

Our hockey classes provide world class training on a flexible schedule. You select the day, time and area of focus that works with your schedule! 

During Phase I of our re-opening we will be offering birth year specific skating and skills sessions and limited specialty sessions. Click Full Schedule below for details. 

These sessions are 50 minutes in length and $40 each. 

Phase II Re-opening

We plan to offer more specialty sessions during Phase II of our re-opening. 


This program will encompass a variety of stickhandling drills that allow each player to take the next step in improving their ability to handle the puck. Players will learn an assortment of techniques to improve their ability to handle the puck in tight areas as well as in open space. This will allow them to apply these skills in game like scenarios.   These puckhandling sessions will add to a players confidence with the puck and give them an advantage over their opponents.


The Shooting Class is a great opportunity for players to improve both their skills of controlling and shooting a hockey puck. Drills will be high paced and focus on game situations. Pittsburgh Penguins instructors will provide high rep, high intensity and high feed back during all sessions. Players will shoot between 300-400 pucks per session.

Power Skating

Hockey is a game of speed, agility, and transition skating. The best skaters have become dynamic athletes on skates. Master your edge control and skating stride proficiency while being challenged to break through your skating comfort zone to maximize your power.

  • Master Edge Control
  • Deep Knee Bend to Generate Maximum Power
  • Full Extension Leg Drive
  • Dynamic Pivots
  • Explosive Transitions
  • Foundation to Superior Backwards Skating
  • Single Leg Training
  • Accelerating Out of Tight Turns
  • Generating Speed on Cross-Overs

Skating and Skills

The focus of the Penguins Skating and Skills Program is to provide athletes with the proper age appropriate training model.  The quality and quantity of skill development is specific to each player. Utilizing the most advanced sports science research, the specificity of the training sessions will increase the players technical proficiency and confidence with their skills.

Details and Fees

Individual Class - $50

24 sessions - $840 ($35 per session)

12 sessions - $480 ($40 per session)

6 sessions - $270 ($45 per session)