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Penguins Adult League

Register Here - Winter 2018

Register a Team = Team Registration, Join a Team = Individuals joining an existing team, Register Individual = Free Agent Pool

Fall 2017

Program Summary

Join us for the Penguins Adult League at the UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex.

  • Each team guaranteed 11 regular season games, plus playoffs; all teams make the playoffs (one guaranteed playoff game per team).
  • One game per week on average.
  • Game start times as early as 9:10pm and as late as 11:50pm.
  • Seven competitive levels to choose from.

Details and Fees

  • Winter League: January 23 - May 13, 2018
  • League Fee: $1,725 per team
  • Prerequisite: must be 18 years old at the start of the session.
  • Must be a USA Hockey member
  • Fall: September - December
  • Winter: January – May
  • Summer: May – August

Free Agents

Don't have a team but would like to play? Join our Free Agent list.

Becoming a free agent allows your name to be on the free agent list for a team to claim you or just use you as a sub. However, there is no guarantee you will be invited to sub or join a team.

You will need to join USA Hockey as a player for which there is a fee and there is a $40 fee to join the free agent list.


Past Champions

Summer 2016 Champions

  • A Division - Old Guys
  • B Division - Cenci's Sauce
  • Upper C - Sunnyvale V Team
  • Middle C - Ice Hounds
  • Lower C - MK
  • D Division - Primanti's II
  • Over 35 - Miller Pipe Tech

Winter 2016 Champions

  • B Division - Cenci's Sauce
  • Lower C - Travelers
  • Upper C - Craft House
  • Over 35 - M Dudes
  • D Division - Channel 4 News

Fall 2015 Champions

  • Lower C Tier I - Cenci's Pizza Krew
  • Lower C Tier II - Blue's Brothers
  • Upper C Tier I - A Team
  • Upper C Tier II - Jets
  • Over 35 Tier I - Super Stars
  • Over 35 Tier II - Miller Pipe Tech

Fall 2016 Champions

  • B Division - Cenci's Sauce
  • Upper C - Icers
  • Middle C - Droogs
  • Lower C North - Primanit Bros
  • Lower C South - Dump N Chase
  • D Division - Dead Rabbits
  • Over 35 - On Tap

Winter 2017 Champions

  • B Division Cenci's Sauce
  • Upper C - Sunnyvale V Team
  • Middle C - ice Molars
  • Lower C North - Savage Hogs
  • Lower C South - Dead Rabbits
  • D Division - Tinderwolves
  • Over 35 - Miller Pipe Tech

Summer 2017

  • A Division - Good Guys Inc
  • B Division - The Wheel
  • Upper C - Parking Lot Elite
  • Middle C - The Travelers
  • Lower C+ - The Whale
  • Lower C- - Devils
  • D Division - Primanti's 2
  • Over 35 - M Dudes

USA Hockey Membership Benefits

  • Structure and Credibility – your membership provides access to USA Hockey events for adult players to enjoy unique playing opportunities, including the world renowned pond hockey championships. The league you participate in will adhere to the high standards USA Hockey requires!
  • Grow the Game Initiatives - your membership grows the game for kids and adults. Pay it forward: give to the game as you enjoy playing the game
  • Adults registered with USA Hockey after April 1, 2016 will be registered through August 31, 2017.
  • Subscription to USA Hockey Magazine – you will receive the most widely distributed hockey publication in the world and enjoy informative and entertaining content regarding the sport you love!
  • Insurance – your membership will provide you with insurance coverage, providing peace of mind to your participation.
  • Supporting Team USA – your membership is in the same organization that sends Team USA to the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games and to the World Championships at all levels for men and women.


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