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Learn to Hockey Skate

Adult Learn to Hockey Skate is for the adult who wants to learn to ice skate for the purpose of playing ice hockey!

Participants will be placed in one of two groups:

Group 1 – True Beginners

  • Participants will work on balance while standing on skates, walking/marching on skates, pushing off and gliding, snow plow stops and the basic elements of backward skating and hockey stops.

Group 2 – Recreational Skaters that can get around the rink & in-line players wanting to make the transition to ice skating.

  • Participants will work on the fundamental skills of ice hockey skating: forward skating, backward skating, snow plow stops, hockey stops to the right and to the left, rudimentary edge-work.
  • Group 2 will also be beneficial for novice players in E or D Leagues who have never had formal ice skating lessons.

Summer Details and Fees

June 18 - August 6

Sessions will be held on Sunday evenings 4:10-4:55pm.

Fee: $130


Please contact Mark Shuttleworth at with questions.